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Payroll under control? 


Is your payroll in accordance with your formation list? How much time does it cost your staff to operate all kind of declarations in the payroll? Do you check the payslips before sending to your staff? Please contact us, we can help you out. 


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Advantage of Outsourcing 


Have you ever thought about the benefits of outsourcing the payroll? What happens if your salary staff member find another job, can someone take over directly?

​Our experience 


For the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of Netherlands we have acted as Program and Project Manager during the outsourcing process of the payroll administration for 96 Embassies worldwide. 


For a number of medium-sized Dutch companies we have taken over the entire payroll process, not only the processing of the monthly changes, but also the salary reports, payments and distribution of pay slips is in our service.

We have outsourced payroll processes for a large number of organisations and have worked together with Payroll vendors such as ADP, Alight, Visma and TMF.



The payroll process is one of the most important and sensitive processes within the Finance / Human Resources departments. Mistakes in this business process can have enormous impact. Your hourly and monthly workers have the right to receive the correct salary on a period basis. We can make your payroll process more efficient, streamlined and sustainable. Or are you considering outsourcing? We can be your partner to support you.

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